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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 9 Preview

Waiver Winners
This week the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills got some significant upgrades due to waivers.  I blogged about how Moss will help the Titans and after having a few days to reflect on the acquisition I've changed my mind just a bit.  I thought that the Titans would finish 3rd in their division and miss the playoffs, but now i believe Moss will be enough to help the Titans stay ahead of the Houston Texans and quite possibly overtake the Indianapolis Colts to take down the AFC South. 
The Buffalo Bills got an upgrade on defense which may actually help them win a game this year.  Shawne Merriman was put on waivers by the San Diego Changers after not playing a single down with the team this season.  Despite Merriman's performance dropping for the past couple years he is still only 26 years old and still should have a lot left in the tank.  Although Buffalo still doesn't have a shot at the playoffs and chances are Merriman will not return to the team next year but at least ticket sales will see a rise for the rest of the season.

New York (A) over Detroit
Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Chicago over Buffalo
Minnesota over Arizona
New Orleans over Carolina
Baltimore over Miami
Oakland over Kansas City
Indianapolis over Philadelphia
Green Bay over Dallas
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

Upset Specials
Cleveland over New England
Seattle over New York(N)

Power rankings
1) Pittsburgh Steelers
2) Baltimore Ravens
3) New York Giants
4) New York Jets
5) New England Patriots

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