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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 12 Preview

No longer "Chilly" in Minnesota
Well it finally happened, it only took 12 weeks of controversy and countless Mondays asking ourselves, will he be fired this week?  But this week Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has been fired.  After last weeks loss to Green Bay owner Zigi Wilf has named defensive coordinator  Leslie Frazier interim head coach.  The Vikings (3-7) had high expectations to repeat what they did last year by going to the NFC Championship game and possibly beyond that but this year has been nothing but an utter disappointment.  Brett Favre is playing like his own age, and possibly older, if that is possible, the defense has been struggling and the puzzle just hasn't come together for this talented Vikings football team.  They still have alot of questions to answer before this season ends though, will Frazier get his team to play well enough to keep his job next year?  Will Brett Favre's consecutive start streak continue or will the team sit him to see what Tavaras Jackson can do?  This season is far from over for the Minnesota Vikings.

Atlanta over Green Bay
Pittsburgh over Buffalo
Cleveland over Carolina
New York (N) over Jacksonville
Washington over Minnesota
Houston over Tennessee
Oakland over Miami
Kansas City over Seattle
Philadelphia over Chicago
Denver over St. Louis
Baltimore over Tampa Bay
San Diego over Indianapolis
San Fransisco over Arizona

Power Rankings
1) New York Jets
2) New England Patriots
3) Atlanta Falcons
4) Philadelphia Eagles
5) Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 Preview

So We Meet Again
We all know the story, Brady vs Manning, Patriots vs Colts.  Its possibly the biggest rivalry in football for the past decade.  This year should be just as good as the last 10.  In the last 10 meetings, regular and post season, Pats-5 wins Colts-5 wins.  It seems that both Manning and Brady play their best games against each other.  The Patriots have been playing out of their minds this year and they're doing it without a bonafide star Wide Receiver or Running Back, and so is Peyton Manning.  Manning is playing with a practice squad this season but all that matters is hes the same old Peyton.  Once again America, were in for a treat.

Buffalo over Cincinatti
Detroit over Dallas
Tennessee over Washington
Kansas City over Arizona
Green Bay over Minnessota
New York (A) over Houston
Pittsburgh over Oakland
Baltimore over Carolina
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Atlanta over St. Louis
New Orleans over Seattle
Tampa Bay over San Fransisco
Indianapolis over New England
New York (N) over Philadelphia
San Diego over Denver

Power Rankings
1) New York Jets
2) New England Patriots
3) Atlanta Falcons
4) Pittsburgh Steelers
5) New York Giants/ Philadelphia Eagles (To be decided tonight)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 10 Preview

Half Way Home
Week 10 means we're almost halfway home to the end of the 2010 NFL regular season and boy are we in for a treat this year.  There is not a team that has a 2 game lead in ANY division, every division right now is either a tie for first or separated by 1 game.  The Steelers look like a top 2 team and Baltimore is right behind them.  The Atlanta Falcons have been quietly dominant this year with Tampa Bay and the Defending Champs right behind them too.  And to top it all off we might see a New York Subway Super Bowl in Dallas.  We don't know how this season is going to end and that's the glory of football all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the next 3 months.

Buffalo over Detroit
Chicago over Minnesota
New York (A) over Cleveland
Indianapolis over Cincinatti
Tennessee over Miami
Tampa Bay over Carolina
Houston over Jacksonville
Kansas City over Denver
New York (N) over Dallas
San Fransisco over Seattle
Pittsburgh over New England
Philadelphia over Washington

Power Rankings
1) Pittsburgh Steelers
2) New York Jets
3) New York Giants
4) Atlanta Falcons
5) Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 9 Preview

Waiver Winners
This week the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills got some significant upgrades due to waivers.  I blogged about how Moss will help the Titans and after having a few days to reflect on the acquisition I've changed my mind just a bit.  I thought that the Titans would finish 3rd in their division and miss the playoffs, but now i believe Moss will be enough to help the Titans stay ahead of the Houston Texans and quite possibly overtake the Indianapolis Colts to take down the AFC South. 
The Buffalo Bills got an upgrade on defense which may actually help them win a game this year.  Shawne Merriman was put on waivers by the San Diego Changers after not playing a single down with the team this season.  Despite Merriman's performance dropping for the past couple years he is still only 26 years old and still should have a lot left in the tank.  Although Buffalo still doesn't have a shot at the playoffs and chances are Merriman will not return to the team next year but at least ticket sales will see a rise for the rest of the season.

New York (A) over Detroit
Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Chicago over Buffalo
Minnesota over Arizona
New Orleans over Carolina
Baltimore over Miami
Oakland over Kansas City
Indianapolis over Philadelphia
Green Bay over Dallas
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

Upset Specials
Cleveland over New England
Seattle over New York(N)

Power rankings
1) Pittsburgh Steelers
2) Baltimore Ravens
3) New York Giants
4) New York Jets
5) New England Patriots

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moss is Titanic

Earlier this week the Minnesota Vikings placed Randy Moss on waiver after only 4 sub par games. Reasons for Moss' being cut are ranging from lack of effort to lack appreciation for the teams catered food. Moss was traded from the New England Patriots last month to free up their offense and have succeded by doing so. Earlier today ESPNs Adam Shefter reported that the Tennessee Titans have claimed the Pro Bowl wide out off waivers. Moss instantly improves the Titans receiving core wich has struggled this year and now with Kenny Britt out for a few weeks gives Tennesse a boost.

Does this make Tennessee a playoff contender? Well probably not considering Tennessee has to deal with Indianapolis and Houston in their division. Vince Young is the leagues highest rated passer this year and Moss will defenitly help him improve those numbers for the rest of the season.

Will Moss likely return to Tennesse next year? That question will probably be determined on how well he plays out the season, if he does stay Tennesse will be a much stronger team next year and could possibly make the playoffs. 

Can Jeff Fisher keep Moss under control?  This will be a challenge for Tenessee coach Jeff Fisher but Fisher has been in the league a long time and is a stand up guy but I believe he will be able to keep Moss in check, something that seemed to be a challenge for Vikings Coach Brad Childress, plus Fisher's got a better moustache.