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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 11 Preview

So We Meet Again
We all know the story, Brady vs Manning, Patriots vs Colts.  Its possibly the biggest rivalry in football for the past decade.  This year should be just as good as the last 10.  In the last 10 meetings, regular and post season, Pats-5 wins Colts-5 wins.  It seems that both Manning and Brady play their best games against each other.  The Patriots have been playing out of their minds this year and they're doing it without a bonafide star Wide Receiver or Running Back, and so is Peyton Manning.  Manning is playing with a practice squad this season but all that matters is hes the same old Peyton.  Once again America, were in for a treat.

Buffalo over Cincinatti
Detroit over Dallas
Tennessee over Washington
Kansas City over Arizona
Green Bay over Minnessota
New York (A) over Houston
Pittsburgh over Oakland
Baltimore over Carolina
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Atlanta over St. Louis
New Orleans over Seattle
Tampa Bay over San Fransisco
Indianapolis over New England
New York (N) over Philadelphia
San Diego over Denver

Power Rankings
1) New York Jets
2) New England Patriots
3) Atlanta Falcons
4) Pittsburgh Steelers
5) New York Giants/ Philadelphia Eagles (To be decided tonight)

1 comment:

  1. Of course the Jets are the best team in the NFL haha. A team that should have lost to the Lions two weeks ago and needed 5 quarters to beat the Browns last week. Jets may be undefeated against teams with .500 or losing records, but they are 1-2 against teams with winning records this season. Hardly best team in the NFL material.

    I'm happy you're not excited about the Cowboys after their thumping of the Giants last week, but you might be wrong about the Lions going into Dallas and picking them off. It would be nice if that happened though.